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Barristers President's Message
July/August 2017

Erica M. Alfaro

Erica M. Alfaro

Erica M. Alfaro

Judicial Reception

Barristers held its first annual Judicial Reception on May 17, 2017 at Grier Pavilion located on the rooftop of Riverside City Hall. It was a beautiful setting and we had a great turnout. I would offer a special thank you to the judicial officers that served on our panel: Hon. Becky Dugan, Hon. Gloria Trask, Hon. Jesus G. Bernal, Hon. Joseph R. Brisco (Ret.), Hon. Gail O'Rane, Hon. Lynn Donaldson, Hon. Richard T. Fields, Hon. John Vineyard. In addition, thanks to Greg Rizio for moderating the panel.

See photos, below.

Barristers appreciates the support of our sponsors that made this reception possible including: Rizio Law Firm (Diamond Sponsor), Aitken Aitken Cohn (Platinum Sponsor), Best Best & Krieger (Platinum Sponsor), Blumenthal Law Offices (Silver Sponsor), Dennis M. Sandoval APLC (Silver Sponsor), JAMS (Silver Sponsor), University of La Verne College of Law (Silver Sponsor), Provident Bank (Bronze Sponsor), Reid & Hellyer (General Sponsor). Finally, we hope to make this an annual event and are planning for next year. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact RCBABarristers@gmail.com.

Barristers Election Results

Congratulations to the new Barristers board elected on June 14, 2017! The new board is as follows: President, Shumika T. R. Sookdeo; President Elect, Breanne Wesche: Past President, Erica Alfaro; Treasurer, Nesa Targhibi; Secretary, Priscilla George; Members-at-Large: Megan Demshki, Braden Holly, Kris Daams and Paul Lin. We are looking forward to an exciting new year.

Upcoming Events

If you would like to stay updated regarding upcoming Barristers events, please follow Barristers at:





Thank You

It has been an honor to serve as Barristers president this year. About a year ago when the board first met to establish our year’s goals, the board unanimously agreed that being involved and giving back to the Riverside community were our top priorities. Our successful year is attributed to the work of our dedicated board. Thank you to the following 2016-2017 board members for their support and commitment: Julianna Crawford, Nesa Targhibi, Priscilla George, Alexandra Andreen, David Hamilton, Shumika T. R. Sookdeo, Breanne Wesche, and Christopher Marin.

I am looking forward to serving on next year's board.

Judicial Reception, May 17, 2017

Nesa Targhibi and Christopher Marin

(L to R) David Hamilton, Julianna Crawford, Shumika Sookdeo, Erica Alfaro, Mayor Rusty Bailey, Alexandra Andreen

(L to R) Breanne Wesche, Hon. Gail Andler (Ret.), Wylie Aitken, Megan Demshki, Erica Alfaro, Shumika Sookdeo, Hon. Joseph Brisco (Ret.), Alexandra Andreen

(L to R) Shumika Sookdeo, Hon. Richard Fields, Erica Alfaro, Breanne Wesche, Elisabeth Lord, Hon. Gail O'Rane, Megan Demshki

(L to R) Barristers Board – David Hamilton, Alexandra Andreen, Christopher Marin, Erica Alfaro, Shumika Sookdeo, Nesa Targhibi, Julianna Crawford, Breanne Wesche

(L to R) Richard Gerhardt, Jean Serrano, Brian Unitt

(L to R) Ruthann Elder, Paul Lin, Hon. Becky Dugan, Council Member Mike Gardner, Rosemary Koo, Deborah Lucky, Hon. Jack Lucky, Eric Keen

Hon. Craig Riemer and Maria Riemer

(L to R) Hon. David Bristow, Hon. Gloria Trask, Wylie Aitken

Carmen Cuevas and Virginia Blumenthal

Hon. Robert Hill and Hon. Lynn Donaldson

(L to R) Hon. Richard Fields, Hon. John Vineyard, Megan Demshki

(L to R) Julianna Crawford, Greg Rizio, Breanne Wesche

Greg Rizio & Judicial panelists

Judicial panelists

Hon. Jesus G. Bernal

Erica Alfaro currently works at State Fund.


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